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Helping dogs with anxiety

There can be many causes as to why your dog has anxiety. Common reasons why are separation, loud noises, new people, children, other dogs and many other possible reasons. Before taking your dog to a vet or giving them medication, find out the cause of the problem.

Dogs that have been abandoned in the past can have anxiety when you leave the house or maybe something traumatic happened to them once when they were home alone.

Loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks can trigger anxiety. Dogs are naturally fearful of those because they are loud, scary and different to them. They’re unsure what’s happening. Plus; Sudden flashes of light from the lightning don’t help either.

If a dog has been abused in past by someone, then meeting a new person can be incredibly difficult for them because they would most likely have trust issues towards them. Or another reason could be they haven’t been socialised enough with other people as a puppy and therefore it’s unfamiliar territory to them. They only trust what they know. That’s why it is so important that you socialise your furry friend with people and other dogs ASAP.

If a dog has been hurt by a child; say the child was playing with the dog and they pulled its tail too hard and hurt them. Or if your dog was attacked by another dog then it absolutely can trigger anxiety for them when being around other dogs or children.

You can help your dog with anxiety by giving them something for it. There are many different types of medication that can help, some are more natural remedies or there are collars out there that are designed to help with anxiety. Sometimes the simplest way you can help them is by giving them a large treat or bone that requires them to chew on it for hours and it will distract them from your absence or other people in your home. Another method you can try for separation anxiety is to buy a toy that is designed for you to put in something that has your scent inside the toy. Like a T-shirt.

For loud noises like thunder storms, a great technique is by placing your dog in a walk-in wardrobe or linen closet, somewhere where its dark and there’s no windows and give them a toy, blanket or bed, something that’s comforting to them. Maybe an item that’s a comforting smell to them. You can give them some medication as well if you think it’s best. This provides a quieter dark place where its more relaxing and soothing for them. You can also sit in there with them for extra comfort.

Hope this helps 😊

Kind regards

Laura Henderson


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