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Healthy, balanced diet for canines

As a Pet Sitter I’ve come across a lot of different breeds and sizes of dogs. All with different diets. Now I’m not going to go tell you don’t feed your dog this or this and do not give your dog chocolate, this is something every dog owner should know, so I won’t bore you with that. This is all about balance.

Dogs are Omnivores, they eat both plant-based foods and meat-based foods and as such we should maintain that in their diets. Not ALL vegetables are good for dogs, but beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato etc. are great for your dogs’ diet, whether it’s in their food or as a treat. They’re full of water and loads of vitamins. However, make sure you keep veggie content to less than 25 percent of your dog’s diet, too many vegetables can cause issues, such as negatively changing the gut flora, or increasing alkalinity, which would cause kidney issues.

Dogs NEED to eat meat. A dog cannot live a full, heathy life if you try to make them a vegetarian. They may be omnivores but dogs are predominately carnivores. Meat as we all know is full of iron, fat and protein and is a necessity for your canine friend.

Along with what’s in the food, it is somewhat important to have a balance of dry food and wet food. No matter the nutritional value it has, if you give your dog wet food all day every day, it can increase tarter build up on their teeth faster than dry food. Wet food is a lot fattier too and yes, some fats are good, and wet food is more appetising to your dog, but we need to keep a balance. Maybe give them dry food for breakfast and then wet food for dinner. Besides; constantly giving your dog wet food just makes it a lot messier and smellier for you at the other end.

There are a lot more benefits to dry food than wet food. However dry food has almost no moister in them and can dry their mouth which means they’ll drink a lot more water, and that’s not always a great thing. A dog can live a long, healthy life on just dry food. But in my opinion, a dog deserves variety. You wouldn’t like eating the same thing everyday for the rest of your life.

Dogs need a healthy balanced diet just like humans.

Hope this helps😊

Kind regards Laura Henderson


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